16mm Workshops

During this workshop participants of all ages are invited to transform old 16mm archival films and leader tape with colour and scratch techniques. The workshop is inspired by the early experimental animations by artist Len Lye screened at the workshop. This workshop is a wonderful way to introduce audiences to celluloid film, heritage cinema and experimental filmmaking techniques. We usually screen the final work on the same day with a wonderful live score. This workshop has been delivered at Tate Britain, Parasol Unit and with The Lost Picture Show.

Here is an example of a 16mm film from a workshop with The Lost Picture Show. We screened the film with a live score by the Cabinet of Living Cinema. Over the weekend, children and adults produced 13,000 individually painted frames. Thanks also to no.w.here for the telecine.

Below is a 16mm film from a workshop I facilitated with Chocolate Films at The Lost Picture Show, Shambala Festival.

Here is a film documenting the screening of the 16mm workshop film made at Late@Tate