Bigdraw Workshop photos 045 IMG_1117

Lightbox Cinema is an initiative set up by Laura Kloss to teach and inspire children about cinema heritage. Through creative and interactive workshops children get to learn about cinematic treasures and film making techniques from the past. In an age where digital mediums are taking over we look back at silent cinema, 16mm film, magic lanterns, and the play of light and shadow  in fun, innovative ways.

Workshops include:

Drawing on 16mm Film

Silhouette Stop Motion Animation

Make Some Noise! Foley Workshop




Lightbox Cinema projects travel round the country, most recently  we have visted East End Film Festival, Bromley Family Film Fest, Flatpack Festival in Birmingham, Shambala and No Direction Home music festivals, Pop Up Festival of Stories and Curzon Cinemas London.

In 2010 we won the Drawing Inspiration Awards Highly Commended Award at The Big Draw Festicval for our drawing on 16mm film workshop.

To contact Lightbox Cinema Workshops please email Laura at: lauralightboxworkshops@gmail.com


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