Experimental Film and Animation at Parasol Unit

Organised as part of Discover Young Hackney and funded by Hackney Council, this  Experimental Animation project enabled young people from the local community to work with creative media, while presenting them with the opportunity to curate and install their very own two-day public exhibition in the Education & Events Room at the gallery.

Lightbox Cinema provided a five-day afternoon project, which enabled young people to experiment with animation, working both on 16-mm film and with digital media. For two of the workshop sessions, the young people used digital SLR cameras and animation software to bring static images to life using stop-motion animation techniques.

Sketchbook & Animation Projects, as part of Discover Young Hackney
Workshops: 16 – 19 February 2015 | Exhibition: 21 – 22 February 2015

Young people who participated:
Alec Burton
North Garms
Chandrasekhar Iyengar
Edie Levine
Gleb Totskii McInroy
Jerry Totskii McInroy
Stanley Sugawara Robson
Magdalena Wittchen

Artist Educators:
Hydar Dewachi
Laura Kloss
Zahra Yousefi

Special thanks to Chocolate Films

IMG_8336IMG_8324IMG_8340IMG_8379IMG_8374IMG_8376 IMG_8377  IMG_8386 IMG_8385 IMG_8364 IMG_8350 IMG_8342  IMG_8338 IMG_8325IMG_8356IMG_8450IMG_8446IMG_8420

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